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Low Impact Development Project Database

One of the trends that I have been spotting in research studies of LID acceptance into practice has been this concept of “proof of benefit”.  Essentially, the idea is that by having high-profile, high-traffic demonstration projects, stakeholders will see the benefit and will encourage LID’s spread through new development, as well as through retrofits in urban settings.  It’s a great concept, but one that takes a decade to truly take hold in a municipality.

The idea behind this website has been pretty simple.  Take a look at the tools that are available in stormwater BMP design and point out the more novel approaches and interesting research being done in sustainable stormwater engineering.  To help further the development of “proof of benefit” as a way of spreading Low Impact Development in communities, I am proposing the development of an LID project database.  It is possible this has been done to a certain extent.  I claim no mantle of originality to any ideas presented on this site and this is certainly no different.  Simply, what I would like to see is a much more comprehensive look at projects that have been completed, are currently in progress, or are in their infancy.  This will be a laborious process – one that will certainly require input and collaboration.  To this end, I make my formal request to others right now.

The idea is this.  Send me information on any project that is available in the public domain.  In particular, I need to be able to start with the basics such as: project location (street address), general description of the project, type of LID approach being used, status of the project, and if possible, a project contact.  I will most likely expand the database to include other fields as development progresses, but starting off simple will get me to a finished product more quickly.  Ideally, I would like to see this be a living databse that is fed by users as new projects spread through North America.

In addition to serving as a way of finding demonstration projects, I envision a database that is tracking the popularity of different LID approaches and spotting trends in technology – perhaps even helping to shine a light as to where LID is falling behind in acceptance.

Email your project lists and ideas to Matt Baumgardner at